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LUCKY DRAGON (Provindence/USA)
EVOL (ALKU/Spanien)
E-ROCK (Portland/USA)
EATS TAPES (San Francisco/USA)
FOS (Mix set)

Galleri AX12
Axeltorv 12 (ved zum biergarten)
1609 København V


EVOL / ALKU (Mego, Barcelona)
Evol / ALKU is a computer music unit formed in 1996 by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Anna Ramos in Barcelona. Their recordings and performances explore the many sides of digital noise and algorythmic composition. Harsh and bloody trips along the most extreme path of computer music, putting together sonic brutality, crazy algebra, fractal structures and a slight ironic touch.
Evol's musical outcome has been featured in top record labels such as Mego (Austria), (Austria), Scarcelight Recordings (USA), Diskono (UK), Antifrost (Greece), Lucky Kitchen (USA-Spain) and their own home label, Alku. The Barcelona duo has played in festivals, museums, galleries and club events all over Europe and the United States. They are also in charge of home label Alku, where they have published the work of artists such as Jliat, Edwin van der Heide, Hecker,
Charlie Ferrari, Pepito, Wobbly, Yasunao Tone, Team Doyobi, Powerbooks for Peace, Beige, Pita and others. Since 2003, Imbecil is Alku´s work-in-progress platform for obfuscated, stupid, useless or absurd coding, and it hosts a wide variety of software projects by artists and programmers from all over Europe, the Americas and Asia.


Lucky Dragon
...formed in 1999. This is the band that never breaks up: The cut and paste digital derivative of musique concrete, melodic memory, splintery soft glitches, anxious dada, dirty indie, beautytronics. Lucky dragons is Luke Fischbeck, who edits it like a magazine to make sure it stays going. There are so many others to share the light, though: singing, drawing, dancing, touching, plucking and spinning or sewing with sound files or just listening really well. We are a diy sound branding and sound breaking collective. Records are densely knit collages of ecstatic language, folk melodies, and AM radio rave ups. Live shows are convulsive celebrations of sounds from hard drives and gentle skin contact. Our aesthetic is handmade. Contributing members currently live in Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, coastal Southern California and New York City.

Lucky Dragons have performed in such festivals as Versionfest (Chicago), SINfest (NYC), Boston Cyberarts and RHfest  (Boston, MA), Listening in the Sound Kitchen (Princeton University), Munich's Analog/Digital festival and Pixilerations (Providence RI); appeared as part of sound art exhibitions such as "Frequentzen:HZ" at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt and PICA's Time Based Art festival (Portland, OR). Recent soundtrack projects include work for the exhibition "making things public" at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany, "Precious Places" for WHYY television, and "Dead Man's Shoes" released by Warp films.

Eats Tapes,
Marijke Jorristma and Gregory Zifcak, animate antiquated and accelerated synth attacks with their salvaged, fixed, fetishized and formerly
fashionable machines. They have become a household name in the Bay Area, introducing the sincerest of rave art jams to the out-rocked, out-postured denizens of SF’s mission district and Oakland’s free techno warehouse scene. Their music is a driving, chaotic organism riding a constant crescendo to an early
grave. In performance, Eats Tapes wrangles howling hardware and discarded altered beasts, mutating the character and context of underground techno by
grafting it with influences from the bay area’s fertile noise scene.

For their European debut Eats Tapes will be touring with video artist Nate Boyce. Informed by healthy doses of perceptual psychology and an ethic of mind
expansion, Boyce’s work utilizes aural and visual noise as a medium through which purely phantasmagoric spaces are accessed. Locally recognized as one of San Francisco's most stalwart producers of perceptually disorienting video, his work has been exhibited internationally, and has worked with artists such as
Tussle, Matmos, and the Soft Pink Truth.

Eats Tapes has a full-length CD, "Sticky Buttons," and a 12" single (featuring remixes by Kid606, Strategy and Caltrop) on Oakland's Tigerbeat6, as well as a 12" EP on Community Library. They are eagerly anticipating a second 12" for Tigerbeat6, featuring remixes by Wobbly, The Soft Pink Truth, and Sutekh.

Nate Boyce’s Eats Tapes video can be seen at:




Rækkefølgen: FOS - EVOL - FOS - LUCKY DRAGON - FOS -
EATS TAPES - FOS og lakridspiber til kl. 01.00

Eats Tapes, 1:15 min. (11 MB .AVI-file)
Eats Tapes, 1:13 min. (19 MB .AVI-file)
Evol. 16 sek. (3 MB .AVI-file)

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