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KLoAKDocumentation paper
- includes green 7" vinyl with documentation paper



Boobies/Spaniel (7" vinyl)

KLoAK celebrates their tenth anniversary with the release of a transparent green 7" single, the double A-side Boobies/Spaniel. This is the first release from the band since their previous culmination A boy getting pregnant was given birth by Escho in 2006. On the two new pop tracks, KLoAK invites everyone to take part in their modified dance and reveal themselves as truly admirable gentlemen by groping the listener while loudly whispering self-perpatuating words into the thirsty ears.

It's just a baby knife nothing for your adult life.
Our body is just a beautiful human asshole.

Track list
A1 Booies
A1 Spaniel

Linar notes
Produced by Anders Bech and KLoAK. Recorded at Real Farm. Boobies mixed by Guido Zen at Medonte Studio. Spaniel mixed by KLoAK at Tyskland. Mastered and cut to vinyl by Goodiepal. Boobies and Spaniel written by KLoAK.

Additional info
300 copies
Release date: 11 June 2008
Catalogue # ESC-09


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