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Escho 10:

V/A - Æsjo (LP)

Dane TS Hawk & The Cerebral Hemispheres – Coming Up (LP)

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Æsjo er et musikalsk familefoto af Escho. 19 anderledes og vibrerende sange af mødre, fædre, sønner, søstre og nevøer, samlet gennem de sidste to år i et forsøg på at dokumentere momenter af spontanitet og bevare det forgængelige. På pladen kan du møde gamle, finde nye venner og måske endda ændre dit syn på venskab generelt.

Æsjo is a musical family photo of Escho. 19 unusual and vibrant tracks by mothers, fathers, sons, sisters and nephews, compilled during the last two years in an attempt to document moments of spontaneity and file the transitory. On the record you can meet old friends, find new ones and maybe even change your view on friendship in general.



A1. Marie Moko Eline - Work-Related Acquaintances (2:34)
A2. Thulebasen - Brintbombe (3:35)
A3. Lamburg Tony & Hyæne - The Last Bag (1:57)
A4. Teppop - Spade Exp (1:57)
A5. Viron Vortex - Cat's Are On The Roof (1:31)
A6. Lamburg Tony - Rhu (4:04)
A7. KloAK - Kimberly Shyboy (3:58)
A8. Man-Sun Chrone - Arv Who? (2:38)
A9. Olieidol - Flower Flower (3:35)
A10. Menstro - Menstro 1979 (1:45)
B1. Fos & Æky - Liquid Chain Into The Vapor Wall The Fall (1:59)
B2. Alle med balloner og terasser - Transportation (3:55)
B3. Kim Las - Sprachlos (3:48)
B4. El Hombre Invisible - Rytme Dub (1:38)
B5. Iceage - Broken Bone (2:52)
B6. Lonely Boy Choir - Baniak (3:16)
B7. Body Lotion & The Bloody Hands - Animal Graveyard (0:59)
B8. Fremtid - Round & Round (3:41)
B9. Mit Nye Band - Kick (3:57)

Æsjo is compiled by Escho. Mastered by Goodiepal and Lupo at D&M. Supported by The Danish Arts Council's Committee for Music.

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Released 12/12/2009
Catalogue no.: ESC10
Format: LP
400 copies